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2. Rachel, 20, Indiana, female.... I've had people mistake me for a boy.

3. Well considering most of the people I hang out with Brittney Spears is "uncool". I also like R&B (Brandy, Mya, Aaliyah). I really enjoy Celtic music and I used to be an Irish dancer. I *love* Cats! and everyone else I talk to says it sucks. I also really love any type of Latin and middle eastern music. I love cultural dance and I'd like to take more lessons someday... I really enjoy trance and techno. Its not that mainstream so I guess some people might think its "uncool." I like classical but it has to be classic classical and I have to be in a certain mood...

4. Er, well I mostly wear t-shirts, fitted t's and jeans. I'm starting to get into making my own clothes because the clothes that I like no one makes. If they do, it's too damn expensive and worth learning how to sew on my own. My style is hard to describe but a combination of modern, renaissance, casual feminine attire, and "punky".

5. I like to bubble fountains and chalk quotes on the sidewalk. My hair sometimes causes people to stare rudely. My head is shaved except for two "patches" of hair in the front. I blow bubbles at people on the street sometimes and wear kitty ears in public. My friend and I staged a stuffy orgy in the back of the car on a road trip once. I think we really disturbed an old lady.... Sometimes I wave or smile at random people. It's funny to see them try and remember who you are, haha.

6. It would be irrelevant for someone to call me a poseur because I don't fit any group really. I don't label myself and no one's seemed to sense any sort of superficiality in me I guess... A lot of people seem to want to dislike me though. I guess not being able to judge me right off the bat makes them uncumfortable. -_-

7. I wouldn't call anyone a poseur. I don't believe in labeling people as a way of generally attempting to understand them. But I will call a loser a loser. If I come across a pretentious poseur I just feel sorry for them.

8. Why do you want to join this community? Don't you have better things to do, you jackass? No, I literally don't... I'm pretty much a loser.

9. Now give your opinions on all of the following things:
Abortion: I'm pro-choice. I'm kind of spiritually philosophical on my outlook. IMO a soul wouldn't enter the body of a fetus to be expelled.
Censorship: I don't think children should be exposed to certain things because of their impressionable minds, but as far as adults... they should be able to handle themselves.
Drugs: I'm interested in the spiritual side of drugs. I would like to try shrooms for the hallucinogenic qualities. I would like to try peyote as well. Anything other than those and weed I wouldn't touch (except alcohol). I think that highly addictive drugs should remain illegal. Dangerous drugs should be illegal (or perhaps only available in moderation for spiritual experimentation? I unno). I think tobacco (the way it is processed and crap) is far more dangerous than weed. And weed has less of an effect than alcohol for sure and doesn't last as long. I'm pretty sure Marijuana will be legalized in the U.S. When? I don't know... o_o
"Family Values": Uhhh.... I'm for them? I don't see anything wrong with values as long as parents are teaching their children not to hate etc.
Homosexuality: Um, I don't care. I don't know why people think its such a big deal. I was raised to accept different lifestyles as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. *shrug*
Gun Control: I think repeat offenders shouldn't have the privilege of owning one. I'm all for responsible ownership and use. Rifles are fun. Perhaps keeping weapons at a designated firing range and checking them out for use only there or when hunting.
Media: I try to keep up with current events, but I don't quite trust whatever is said. It's hard to know fact from fiction sometimes.
Religion: I don't believe in religion. I have my own firm beliefs though. Vaguely Christian. Not the crappy mainstream Christianity.
School Prayer: Parents should do that with their children before they leave the home if they feel the need to pray that strongly. I think church and state should be seperated.
War on Iraq: I've waffled back and forth on this. I can see the pros and the cons equally. Now I'm just kind of sitting back and watching. I'm hoping for a speedy reconstruction so we can get the fuck out. I'm kind of mad how Bush keeps calling it "War on Terrorism." That’s NOT what this is. It's a reconstruction. A "liberation." Everybody and their cousin is using "terrorism" as a buzzword these days and it pisses me off. Someone called an unsolved murder in my town "terrorism" on the news. I was like "WTF?" It has nothing to do with terrorism!
10. Are mullets coming back? They were "in"? O_o No. And if they do... I'm killing myself.
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