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kiss...the girl?

yay homecoming?


there we go =D

yep my house is ohsomessy


2. Stephanie Danielle, 13, Female...Fairfield, Ohio

3. List all the music you like that you think is the most uncool. prolly Corn Mo, Bright Eyes, They Might Be Giants, Ben Kweller, Britney Spears, Bach music...The Phatom of the Opera Musical, OK go..yeah..that stuff.

4. Tell us about all your clothes that scene kids do not approve of. Do I have clothes that they *do* approve of? Prolly not. So yeah, basically, I wear jeans...that are usually Tilt jeans cause i have no life..and shirts that i feel like wearing...AE is my favorite shirt supplier..

5. State some other stuff that makes you uncool, reasons why we would give you weird stares on the street, stuff like that. I'm loud...really loud...i dance when i feel the urge, i'm embarrassing, i fall on the ground a lot...i'm just's hard to ignore my existance...oh oh oh...and I'll tell everyone what i'm thinking randomly...yeah.

6. Name some names of people who have called you a poseur. Link us to their LJs, if they've got 'em. there's a LJs...but i'll list a few..Nick, Steph, Megan, Geoff, Renee, Lily, Lauren, John, Madison, Jake..yep.

7. Who have you ever called a poseur? I call everyone a poseur, because it makes me laugh, prolly, Steph, Nick, Tucker, Anthony...

8. Why do you want to join this community? Don't you have better things to do, you jackass? I'm not sure. It seemed like a good idea at the time =D

9. Now give your opinions on all of the following things: Abortion- I'm pro-choice. I don't really think that "killing" an unborn baby is evil. Hmm, let's think, let it grow up starving...getting an abortion...making it go through foster homes..getting an abortion...making it have a messed up family life because you're stupid and didn't abstain from sex...getting an abortion...

yeah..most of the time abortions sound a lot nicer for the kid that can't feel anything in the first place.

Censorship- La. i don't really care to be honest.
Drugs - Anti-Drugs. I don't think there's anyway to really safely consume drugs without hurting someone other than yourself in the process, whether it be emotionally or physically...

"Family Values"- I believe that they are pretty much needed. At least, some sort of teaching has to take place, whether it be by a real family member or someone that acts like one. You won't really grow up with the same sense of right and wrong...or you really just won't care, which isn't good for anyone.

Homosexuality- Pro! Why should it bother me? That's like saying, well it really bothers me that you're want to make the Bible illegal..kay?

Gun Control- s. t. u. p. i. d. kay...firstly. um, if you really wanna gun, you're not going to legally get it...i mean even now, criminals don't register guns about the people that might need a gun to protect themselves against the idiots that have an illegal weapon..? Personally, i think guns are stupid, but i also think that gun control is senseless. so unless people want to stop manufacturing guns and's stupid to ban them.

Media- The media wouldn't really work so well, if people to buy into it...but we do, so i can't really hold it against's mainly our faults...we PAY for the media in the first place..

Religion- Nothing against Religion as long as it's not going against someone else. Religion is a freedom, not something you shove onto other people..thats why missonaries make me angry, yeah they are helping the people finacially..which is great, but forcing your religion onto people isn't really right. I believe all people are able to come to a sense of values that are natural rights of all humans, but we're too busy worrying about what god we believe in, if there are gods, and minor details.

School Prayer - This doesn't really affect me, I don't care if people Pray in school, they can if they want. I just don't want to be expected to pray too.

War on Iraq - Sadly we are capitalists, that's just the way it goes.

10. Are mullets coming back? No.


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