Kaxtie Chaos (tank_katie_mew) wrote in the_poseurs,
Kaxtie Chaos

i guess i wanna join or something


2. Name: Katie (usually go by Kat, however) Age: 16.75 years Location: Newport, Kentucky which is just south from Cincinnati, Ohio... literally like a 10 minute walk to downtown cincy from my house. Gender: I am a chick.

3. All the music I like that is the most uncool? Well that's easy... the aquabats, the pillows, portishead, alkaline trio, britney spears, the mr. t experience, bouncing souls, bikini kill, tsunami bomb, andrew wk, blink 182, Dashboard Confessional, The Who, Lynard Skynard, Thursday, Cursive, The Groovie Ghoulies, AFI, River City Rebels, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Green Day, and so on. I'm also a big fan of my own band, which since we suck we just play so loud and fast that no one can tell. The Paper Street Soap Company is our name.

4. My beloved 4 Tank Girl shirts, my Disturbed hoodie, my extremely old beat-up face Doc Martins that i dug out of a dumpster, my faux-fur and vinyl coat, my "john bender" fingerless vinyl gloves, pink and black vans with star shoelaces, my red Chucks covered in writing.

5. I'm just a tiny bit obsessed with Lori Petty, or more specifically Tank Girl. A lot of times I dress and/or act similarly to her. I tend to make up words when I can't think of the right form of one to complete my thought.

6. Lots of people have called me a poseur. I don't know or care what any of their lj names are, or if any of them even have an lj.

7. I think the only time I've called someone a poseur it was my friend Jackie, but this isn't a rare occurrence for us.

8. I want to join the community because... why not? And no, I don't have better things to do... unless wasting my life sitting around on my ass is better.

9. Abortion: Pro-choice, and might be having one soon. Censorship:"censorship reflects a community's lack of confidence in itself" Drugs: Deaths caused by drugs would probably drop if most were made legal. "Family Values": Republican bullshit. Homosexuality: is a-ok with me. I worked at the gay pride festival last summer Gun Control: is an all the way or not at all thing. I say not at all Media: lies so bad Religion: i disagree with anything that is so self-contradictory School Prayer: see previous answer, also keep in mind that schools make children think the same enough already... then you'll know how i view this. War on Iraq: was truly unnecessary.

10. Maybe they are a bit. I personally got tired of the whole mullet thing when I had my month-long obsession in 6th grade. I kind of have a reverse mullet though... long in the front, shorter in the back. And one of my dream cars is an El Camino, the mullet of cars (business in the front, party in the back).
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