britTANY (boombanda) wrote in the_poseurs,

my stuff that makes me unhip

1. First, post a picture of yourself. Better yet, post a whole bunch. If you have a camera handy, take pictures of yourself in your more unscene clothes. Take pictures of yourself in an avril tie. Or your abercrombie vintage tee - but now that these are my examples, don't do those. That would clearly be you trying to impress us. And if we are impressed, you are OUT.
i'm not cool enough to have a camera yet. -_-

2. Now, state your name, age, location, and sex.
my whole fucking name??? brittany lynne. my parents won't let me carry their last name. >_> my step dad's last name is lush and i like that. so brittany lynne lush. i'm 15. yes i am!! i'm located in the middle of nowhere (iowa) and i'm a girl. :O

3. List all the music you like that you think is the most uncool.
the hives, fatboy slim, justin timberlake, fanny pack...

4. Tell us about all your clothes that scene kids do not approve of.
bright red pants with a black misplaced button on them.
hot pink turtle neck.
silver pants.
plain, white, worn out, almost disentigrating dr. seuss shoes
"coke adds life to me" red + white shirt
5. State some other stuff that makes you uncool, reasons why we would give you weird stares on the street, stuff like that.
i kick my feet up in the air out of nowhere, and i usually (well, ALWAYS) fall because of it. i will correct your damn grammar when i want to; it doesn't matter if you were talking to me or not. i'll stand behind you for hours, even if you're not in a line. i'm bad at singing and do it anyway. i talk to babies without the damn goo goo ga ga talking and i have nice conversations with them. i will KILL you if you touch my band-aids. i'm covered in bruises and don't know why.

6. Name some names of people who have called you a poseur. Link us to their LJs, if they've got 'em.
abia, xx_avril_fan_xx (not LJ... just SN), steven, steven's brother, my mom's friend's son, and this bitchy ass "anarchist" chick who works at hot topic

7. Who have you ever called a poseur? Name names.
umm... i once called my friend daniel a poseur, but that's because he's a gangzta.

8. Why do you want to join this community? Don't you have better things to do, you jackass?
... *starts crying* i mean... no, i don't have anything better to do than prove how poseur-ish i am. :D

9. Now give your opinions on all of the following things:
if you have an abortion... fuck you

too damn much of it

i don't do them, but i don't care who does and who doesn't

"Family Values"
yah, my family has THOSE... that's all

i have a lot of homosexual friends. they're mine. don't touch them

Gun Control
i don't have a gun, so i don't give a damn

LyEk EwWw DeY r GoNa MaEk Us CoNfOrM

my mom makes me go to a private christian school, so yaaah... >_<

School Prayer
funny thing: in most schools you get in trouble for it, and at my school they MAKE you. school prayer, because of my situation, sucks.

War on Iraq
we should just leave the damn iraqis alone.

10. Are mullets coming back?
how the fuck would i know???
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