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yeah, im cool.

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2. I'm Emily im 14, i live in ohio, and im a girl.
3. Cursive, Coheed and Cambria, Ambrosia, Jimmy Eat World, GOB, DC, Bouncing Souls, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, Against Me!, The Used, At The Drive In, The Strokes, Saves The Day, Bright Eyes, New Radicals.
4. I like to wear jeans, and tee-shirts with band names on them, i like my Periodic Table Of Elements Shirt, chucks, my nine west slippers, and knee soxerrrrz. I like big earrings, rings, and fun 80s-ish jewlry.
5. I like to dance and spin in circles while walking down the street. I always wear my favorite scarf. I like being loud, singing for no reason, and moshing.
6. I have been shot down by people @ the nonuglyemos community.
7. Um. i called my friend april a poseur. she thinks shes 'punk rawk 4 lyfe.'
8. I want to join this community because i like talking, and meeting new people, finding out about new bands. cool stuff like that.
9. Abortion is wrong.
Censorship just is. parents dont seem to care what their kids watch so the tv helps.. whateva.
Drugs will kill you.
Respect your family/elders cause you'd feel like shit if they just up and died tomorrow and you treated them like animals.
I hate guns. they kill my friends.
The Media lies.
Religion helps get you closer to God.
You need the relationship more than the religion.
Pray in school when you want.
Dont involve teachers and then no one cares.
The War is stupid.
But we are cool for helping out.
10. Mullets are the shit, however, they arent coming back. No one is cool enough to have a mullet these days.
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