Kaxtie Chaos (tank_katie_mew) wrote in the_poseurs,
Kaxtie Chaos

Shit for me to do

oh damn look at that "scene" haircut.

dillinger escape plan t-shirt, and at work. FAKE SMILE!

i don't have many full-body pictures, but that's my drag queen coat.

chain and lock necklace.... so punk rock?

2. Katie, 17, northern Kentucky, female

3. The Aquabats, The Queers, Dead Milkmen

4. There's not many scene kids around here, but I catch flack about my clothing regardless. Many people tell me to "get out of the school uniform" when I'm just wearing a plaid skirt and button-up shirt.

5. I own several blink 182 t-shirts and wear them frequently. Also a Disturbed hoodie I got for christmas a few years back.

6. Various people around my school... don't talk to any of them enough to really know them well.

7. I've called my friend Taylor a poser, but not being serious.

8. No, I actually DON'T have better things to do.

9.Abortion - i'm very much pro-choice. and boys better not argue me on this one. no uterus = no opinion.
Censorship - i think it's good to a degree. it would suck if one day we pulled a Fahreinheit 451 all over the place... burning books and all... but i think there's some things people shouldn't see or do until they're a certain age, and censorship helps that.
Drugs - i don't use drugs, but i have no problem with those who do as long as they do so responsibly and don't try to make me. but don't think i'm straightedge or anything... i smoke.
"Family Values" - no clue what exactly they even are. does that say alot about my home life?
Homosexuality - well i'm bi, so there's that.
Gun Control - very good idea. in japan guns are outlawed and they have the lowest crime rate in the world.
Media - i think media is very good when it's not abused, as it is now.
Religion - if it's not pushed onto others, i have no problems with it.
School Prayer - just like religion, if it's not forced on everyone i have no problem with it. believe whatever you want, but give others the same luxury.
War on Iraq - very much against it. it was completely uncalled for.

10. Are mullets coming back? no.
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