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the_poseurs's Journal

The Poseurs
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Because this community was dead and "poseurs" have more right than anybody else to be elitist fucks, this is now a trendy rating community.

Anyway, moving on. This new trendy rating community is not really all that trendy. However, you must prove to us that you are not hardcore, not concerned with the scene, and that you really, truly do not care what people think.

Pretending to not care what people think so you look cool does not count.

Be as lame or as cool as you want, just be you.

This is for people who have been called poseurs, who hate the word "poseur," or who just want to have some fun mocking the bullshit that is "scene."

If approved, you may vote on other people. You may also post discussion topics about anything you think is relevant. If denied, please understand that we love you, but a rating community would just not feel so cool to those who make it if poor souls like you did not get denied. You must leave if you are denied.

Here's the shit for you to do, if you want to be one of us.

  • 1. First, post a picture of yourself. Better yet, post a whole bunch. If you have a camera handy, take pictures of yourself in your more unscene clothes. Take pictures of yourself in an avril tie. Or your abercrombie vintage tee - but now that these are my examples, don't do those. That would clearly be you trying to impress us. And if we are impressed, you are OUT.
  • 2. Now, state your name, age, location, and sex.
  • 3. List all the music you like that you think is the most uncool.
  • 4. Tell us about all your clothes that scene kids do not approve of.
  • 5. State some other stuff that makes you uncool, reasons why we would give you weird stares on the street, stuff like that.
  • 6. Name some names of people who have called you a poseur. Link us to their LJs, if they've got 'em.
  • 7. Who have you ever called a poseur? Name names.
  • 8. Why do you want to join this community? Don't you have better things to do, you jackass?
  • 9. Now give your opinions on all of the following things: Abortion, Censorship, Drugs, "Family Values," Homosexuality, Gun Control, Media, Religion, School Prayer, War on Iraq
  • 10. Are mullets coming back?

    That's really it! Have fun, join, look around, and do whatever the hell you want.

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